Our communities' greatest heroes

Kansas Firefighter's Museum

Kansas’ largest collection of firefighting memorabilia. Trucks, hats, uniforms, photos, and one of the very first fire dispatch systems ever created. Preserved in perfect detail – you’ll feel as though you’ve time traveled!

young boy wearing fire helmet hat

Stepping Back In Time

1930’s fire engines, a fully functioning, 6 ton, horse-drawn, steam-powered water dispersion system, uniforms from every era.

This is the real deal.

Tours, events, and souvenirs – your family will be fully engaged in the rich history of these brave Kansans. Nothing compares to experiencing the Kansas Firefighters Museum up close and in person.

Events For All Ages

Step into a pair of firefighter’s boots, pull a fire alarm without going to the principal’s office, and hear stories from actual firefighters. It’s an experience your family won’t want to miss!

Our Events

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Kansas Firefighters

Always Prepared, Forever Remembered

Kansas firefighters represent the most fearless, selfless, and dedicated members of our communities. They are ready for anything, willing to give everything – some have.

For that, we honor them.

Wichita's Historic Engine House No. 6

Two Floors of Firefighting Memorabilia

Fully Operational Historic Fire Trucks

Pricing & Private Tours

We’d love to give your group a private tour outside of our public hours (Sat 11am – 3pm). You and your group will have full private access to Kansas’ most amazing fire memorabilia, uniforms, and equipment.